CST: Constructing Skill Trees by Demonstration


G. D. Konidaris, S. R. Kuindersma, R. A. Grupen, and A. G. Barto, “CST: Constructing Skill Trees by Demonstration,” in Proceedings of the ICML Workshop on New Developments in Imitation Learning, Bellevue, WA, 2011.
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We describe recent work on CST, an online algorithm for constructing skill trees from demonstration trajectories. CST segments a demonstration trajectory into a chain of component skills, where each skill has a goal and is assigned a suitable abstraction from an abstraction library. These properties per- mit skills to be improved eciently using a policy learning algorithm. Chains from mul- tiple demonstration trajectories are merged into a skill tree. We describe applications of CST to acquiring skills from human demon- stration in a dynamic continuous domain and from both expert demonstration and learned control sequences on a mobile manipulator.

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